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 Wow Jon Olson is one busy man lately not only has his new TE SWAT Traffic taken off like crazy but he has also teamed up with fellow TE owner Steve Ayling to provide a traffic co-op like no other. As you may already know Jon runs Dr. Traffic one of the best traffic co-ops already, but him and Steve have teamed up to create a monster co-op that will get you the most exposure as possible for the best price possible.

Have you seen the ads yet for Agloco?  I’m not sure how long you have been online but if you were on during the big internet boom then you probably remember All advantage. Do you remember when netzero used to be free?  They provided you with free internet access in return you had to keep there ad bar running. Advertisers would pay to have their ads shown on that ad bar and that is how netzero made money. All advantage worked much the same way only instead of providing internet access they just paid you a portion of their earnings based on how long you had the adbar actively running.  Whats all this have to do with agloco? Well after the market started to fll and the big internet boom was over there were less advertisers willing to pay for these bar ads, netzero turned into a paid ISP and All Advantage closed their doors.

 Algloco is trying to bring back that type of advertising and are offering its members a percentage of their earnings based on how long your actively surfing the internet, it is basically all advantage reborn. How long do you think they will be around?  There are a lot of people scrambling to build huge downlines before they launch since you get a percentage of your refferals earnings as well hoping that agloco will be around for a while. I hope they are around for a while and there are a lot of people that earn some extra bucks from them but before you go out and spend a huge amount on a marketing campaign remember the only way that agloco will work is if the advertisers keep paying and the only way they will keep paying is if they get results from that advertising.

 Is it worth joining and checking out? I would say yes, but before you start a huge campaign trying to build your downline make sure you realize the risk that may be involved.

  The Focus4points site was recently down for a while and there was a question of wether or not it was going to comming back on line. The site is back up and running and focuspoints are now being awarded again. THere have been some developments on the focus checker and it will hopefully be reinstated at MTP and several other exchanges in the new year. The idea of the checker is a great one for our industry,  getting it to work properly to remove the bad sites but leave the good ones is another story but they have been hard at work on this and I have confidence that it will be working smoothly in the near future.

What do you need?

Wow, its been a while since I have posted here.  I am not sure if you know about the contest that has been going on lately at MTP or not but it gave me an idea. Actually it is not a competition just a way to reward members that I see actively promoting MTP. If I see your refferal page you could win the more you show off your refferal pages (including splash pages and banners) the beeter your chances of getting a prize.

  The prize? well that depends on the winner and what they feel would help them out the most.

  What would help you out the most? Is there any one thing that you can think of that would help you build your online business? 

 I would like to hear what would help everyone at MTP out, so please post here what you need. I will be selecting at least one winner from the posts here and doing what I can to help out.

Adsense will never be the same!

 At least not after Tuesday 29 August. 

  You see I struggled with Adsense for over a year just to get my account cancelled. Shortly after though I met Pat Lovell. I thought he was about to slap me when I showed him the sites I was using to try and generate income.

  Luckily though he refrained and showed me some of his sites and shared with me some of his secrets. After seeing those sites and realizing how much was wrong with everything I was doing before, I decided to give it another try.

  My wife reluctantly let me use her account and Pat built me a site. You can see the results at . 

  I put the page up and let it sit, I worked on getting the search engines to list it and I started to see some results.

 During this time I was speaking with Jon Atwood about getting more traffic to that site and he was helping me set this blog up.  He gave me a couple of pointers and over night my adsense income more than doubled.

  I could not beleive it, and figured it was just a fluke but the next day brought in even more, and I made an Amozon affiliate sale. Ever since then this one little site has been creating an extra stream of income for me, virtually hands free.

 I submit articles every once in a while to keep fresh links coming into it but other than that it runs itself.

  I had found a dream team: A site made by Pat and some help from Jon I couldn’t have dreamed of a better duo.

  Apperently they felt the same way, and next week they are launching their team effort to revolutionize the adsense world.

They have created and it will be launching next week.

  Trust me when I tell you this is not like any of those cookie cutter templates that are sold to thousands of people. They are going to be building custom websites in the Niche you choose.

  You sign up for their site and let them know what you would like your site to be about and thats it. Before you know it Pat Jon and their team will create a completely unique site with custom graphics, articles and everything else an adsense site should have.

  They are then adding even more by adding affiliate products or anything else you may want to realy monitize your site. I can’t get over the work that they are going to put into a site just for you.

   Next Tuesday is going to be the big day for these guys, I am really looking forward to seeing all their hardwork pay off, if you have ever considered trying out adsense or even if you currently are making money with adsense this is the way to do it.

  You can go over to the site now and register for a chance to win a free membership before they launch by visiting but your chance will be gone after tuesday.

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