I left something out.

 I sent out an email to everyone earlier talking about Link Crews  If you have not checked it out yet you have to.

  I can tell you that there is nothing else like it. Austin from trafficsurfer.net completely hand coded this site and it is simply amazing. It works somewhat like a combination between trafficswarm and TS25. But that does not even begin to describe it properly.

 I messed up though when I sent out the email. I forgot to mention to everyone that when they registered a new account during this prelaunch (only going untill August 1st) that they would also recieve an additional 250 credits at MaxTrafficPro.

  If you allready went to Link Crews and created an account send me a P.M using the very handy and unique PM system within Link Crews with your MTP username so I can addd your credits.

  If you have not signed up yet it’s still not too late to get some free credits all you have to do is visit Link Crews and register a new account once you do use their PM system and send me your MTP user id.

Focus Points and the Focus Checker

I posted a question yesterday asking how everyone felt about the focus checker and the focus loyalty points.  I found out that there are a lot of members that are not sure exactly what they are so I will explain them better here. I appologize for not better explaining them in the first place.

 First off is the  focus loyalty points.  To sign up for a free acount you can visit http://focus4points.com/.  There are a few other exchanges that offer focus points and a couple of merchents as well. 

 While surfing at MaxTrafficPro you should see a yellow button appear on the surf bar from time to time that looks like   Just click on that button and it will open a new window where it will open your focus4 account and add the points you just won.

   Once you have collected enough points you can trade them for different items, such as upgrades in the paricipating exchanges, credit packages, or anything else that is being offered within the members area.

 Just log into your account and you can browse through the different catagories to see what is available or you can go to the programs section and trade for credits at your favorite exchange.

  If you have any questions about this just let me know.

  O.K  now for the checker. When you add a site to the exchange you would have to check it and the script would check for framebreaking sites. Frame breakers are a problem within the exchanges that interupt the surfing by removing the surf bar.

 This is not the only kind of site though that causes problems though. That is where the focus checker comes in. Now when you enter a site it will go through a more thourough check. 

  This now checks sites for virus’s,  hidden frames that run searches in the background, and a number of other problems that can disrupt the surfing and/or damage your computer. There seems to still be a couple of sites that should pass this check that are not but that is being worked on now.

 If you have a site that you think should pass the check but does not please forward it to me at support@maxtrafficpro.com

 Another way users were getting their frame breaking or other sites into the exchnges is by using rotators. The focus script can also be added to rotators so all sites will have to be checked as they are added. For this reason only rotators that run this check are approved to be used on exchanges that also run this script. At the time of this writing the Hits Connect, Page Swirl and Max Traffic Pro rotators are approved and more are being added.


I need your help

 I have gotten some mixed feedback recently about the new focus checker script.  It should be transperant to most members and only create a problem if a member submits a bad site. There are some mebers though that are having some issues though with good sites not making it through.

   Have you had any problems with it? How do you feel about the checker?  I would realy like to hear what everyone thinks about this so we can make sure everyone is getting what they want. (well at least try to)

  While on the topic of Focus, how do you feel about the focus loyalty points? Please share any thoughts you may have by posting below so we can discuss it. If you would rather not post your thoughts here just send me an email at admin@maxtrafficpro.com

  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

   I have added a new members user manual  at http://maxtrafficpro.com/manual.pdf  This is just a basic run through of the site and its features and shows how everything works. I have also added this link to the welcome email new members get after joining. Let me know if you think anything in it should be updated.

  Have a great week. 🙂

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