Wow Jon Olson is one busy man lately not only has his new TE SWAT Traffic taken off like crazy but he has also teamed up with fellow TE owner Steve Ayling to provide a traffic co-op like no other. As you may already know Jon runs Dr. Traffic one of the best traffic co-ops already, but him and Steve have teamed up to create a monster co-op that will get you the most exposure as possible for the best price possible.

Have you seen the ads yet for Agloco?  I’m not sure how long you have been online but if you were on during the big internet boom then you probably remember All advantage. Do you remember when netzero used to be free?  They provided you with free internet access in return you had to keep there ad bar running. Advertisers would pay to have their ads shown on that ad bar and that is how netzero made money. All advantage worked much the same way only instead of providing internet access they just paid you a portion of their earnings based on how long you had the adbar actively running.  Whats all this have to do with agloco? Well after the market started to fll and the big internet boom was over there were less advertisers willing to pay for these bar ads, netzero turned into a paid ISP and All Advantage closed their doors.

 Algloco is trying to bring back that type of advertising and are offering its members a percentage of their earnings based on how long your actively surfing the internet, it is basically all advantage reborn. How long do you think they will be around?  There are a lot of people scrambling to build huge downlines before they launch since you get a percentage of your refferals earnings as well hoping that agloco will be around for a while. I hope they are around for a while and there are a lot of people that earn some extra bucks from them but before you go out and spend a huge amount on a marketing campaign remember the only way that agloco will work is if the advertisers keep paying and the only way they will keep paying is if they get results from that advertising.

 Is it worth joining and checking out? I would say yes, but before you start a huge campaign trying to build your downline make sure you realize the risk that may be involved.

  The Focus4points site was recently down for a while and there was a question of wether or not it was going to comming back on line. The site is back up and running and focuspoints are now being awarded again. THere have been some developments on the focus checker and it will hopefully be reinstated at MTP and several other exchanges in the new year. The idea of the checker is a great one for our industry,  getting it to work properly to remove the bad sites but leave the good ones is another story but they have been hard at work on this and I have confidence that it will be working smoothly in the near future.

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