Did you know that your page can pass the site checker, yet not appear in the surf frame for other members to see. You could be wasting your credits by rotating a site that does not show to other members when surfing.

What tha?

The Site Checker looks for stuff that can cause problems with surfing the exchange or could cause harm to your computer. It does not, however, check for whether your page will actually show in the surf frame.

Many domains have put restrictions on where their pages can be viewed. They add code to the source page that prevents the page from showing under certain conditions. The site checker does not check for that.

When your submitted page goes through the site checker process, you are shown the page as it will be seen in the surf frame. Please pay attention to what the site looks like. If it doesn’t look right during the site checking process, it will NOT look right in the surf frame for other members to see.

If you see any of the following in the frame, your site will NOT show to other members surfing the site:

Blocked by X-Frame-Options Policy

Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

Blocked by Content Security Policy

If you see any of these messages in the frame when you site is being checked, then you site will NOT show to other members surfing the site. Please, when you see such a message in the surf frame, click the Report Site link in the surf bar and report the site. If the page cannot be seen in the surf frame, then surf credits are being wasted.

So how can you show such products or pages?

  1. Make a splash page
  2. Make a banner
  3. Create a text ad
  4. Write a blog post

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