Latest news

 It was another great week at MTP. The activity level has been high and we are getting new members every day.

  The end of the month is coming fast and the two contest we have running are soon to come to an end. I look forward to anouncing the prizes and winners at the end of the month.

  I have been researching payment processors to add an alternative for those that do not or can not use paypal. So far Safe Pay Solutions seems to be a good choice, but I would like to know what you think.

 If you have any sugestions on an secondary payment proccesor you would like to see please let me know.

   That is all I have for now have a great weekend.

Another New Exchange?

 Well, not just another traffic exchange, it’s another one that is going to be big though. If you haven’t already seen TrafficPlanets advertised then you need to log in and do some surfing.


 Radouane is agresively advertising his new  program, which is great news for the upgraded members that earn random refferals.

  If you would like to have your refferals built for you I have some great news. If you join traffic Planets from This Link  you will get a one month upgrade for free.


 All you have to do is visit Traffic Planets by clicking Here and sign up for a free account. When I recieve the notification that you joined I will show you how to claim your free month of upgraded Traffic Planets membership.

Does Math really work?

3 guys check into a hotel the total price is $30 so each person pays $10.

A little later the clerk realizes that the total charge was actually only $25 so he gives the bellhop $5 to give to the three guys.

They couldn’t figure out how to split the $5 so each guy took $1 and gave the bellhop $2

 So each of the three guys ended up spending $9 and the bellhop got $2 what happened to the other dollar?


 Just a little brain teaser my wife shared with me tonight thought you might get a kick out of it.

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