Wow, its been a while since I have posted here.  I am not sure if you know about the contest that has been going on lately at MTP or not but it gave me an idea. Actually it is not a competition just a way to reward members that I see actively promoting MTP. If I see your refferal page you could win the more you show off your refferal pages (including splash pages and banners) the beeter your chances of getting a prize.

  The prize? well that depends on the winner and what they feel would help them out the most.

  What would help you out the most? Is there any one thing that you can think of that would help you build your online business? 

 I would like to hear what would help everyone at MTP out, so please post here what you need. I will be selecting at least one winner from the posts here and doing what I can to help out.

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