When Nexus Exchange first opened in 2005, I held weekly web conferences for their members. For an hour every week we talked about how to use TEs. Okay, it was more like 15 minutes of talking TEs, then we branched into general marketing topics, and then usually degenerated into industry gossip. It was fun while it lasted. I met a lot of people, made great business contacts, formed friendships that I still enjoy today. Eventually though, attendance dropped off and I stopped doing the conferences.

Now, fast-forward 11-plus years, and I’m still in TEs. Lots of new faces have popped up over the years, with lots of new questions. There is much confusion about what TEs do. TEs bring traffic to your offers. The money to be made in TEs is in converting that traffic to signups.

I want to get back to sharing information on how to maximize their traffic generation potential of TEs. TEs have evolved over the years. There are so many ways to work smarter now. Many members still don’t use the banners or text ads, which are great sources for branding. TEs even offer link tracking now.

Conferences are a fantastic way to share information, but there is a problem with scheduling them. There is one of me, but members live all over the world. There isn’t a perfect time that suits everybody. What is the solution? Conferences last an hour or so, but blog posts are forever online for you to read at your leisure. So it’s time to dust off the keyboard and start blogging.

Future blog posts will focus on using TEs for traffic generation and ways to convert that traffic. I promise not to make the posts as dry as the last one about mini branders.

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