As The Storm Calms (knock on wood)

Well everything seems to be back in order now. Credits are being given correctly and letters are not disapeering when they shouldn’t be.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding while we got this taken care of.

If you are still owed credits or letters please send me a reminder at including what you are owed and your user name.

I have been going through all weekend and updating everyones account manually and the computer screen is starting to get blurry. I may have missed a couple of accounts if I missed yours please let me know so I can get you what you are owed.

Now that I am all caught up on what was wrong I can continue to work towards making things better. There are some changes coming to the way bonus credits are awarded, to the downline builder, and a couple of other new features that I’m keeping hush about for now. As each one comes closer to being added I will post more details here on the blog.

We are also only about 300 members away from reaching a huge milestone for the site. We are closing in on that 10,000 member mark very quickly and some big plans are in the works for when it does happen.

If things go as they have been it should be about a week before we do hit that number, so get ready for some huge giveaways and prizes. Also you may want to get your afilliate links out there now so you can be the member that reffers the 10,000th member. (Trust me you want to be that person)

Credits added and more problems found

 WEll its been a busty couple of days as I have been going through and manually adding credits fot everyone that surfed the other day but did not get credited. I beleive I have gotten all of the accounts updated now but If you think I missed you please drop me a line at or submit a ticket at please include your user name when you do.

  Now that that has been fixed and taken care of its time to tackle our next issue. As you know no more letters in MAXTRAFFICPRO can be found this is part of phasing out this feature so we can make some adjustments to the bonus’s given while surfing.

  You were supposed to be able to keep all your current letters as long as you surf the minimum 25 sites each day but that does not seem to be the case and everyone is losing their gold and green letters no matter how many sites they surf.  I appologize (once again) for this and the programer is working on getting this fixed.

 Once it has been fixed I will be busy once again going through all the accounts and adding back all the letters you should have. It would be a huge help if you can let me know what you were at on Tusday evening/ Wednsday morning so I can make sure I get to your account. If you have lost any letters over the past few days but beleive you haved surfed the minimum each day please drop me a line again at either or submit a ticket at please include your user name when you do.

 It seems as if one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong and we are working hard to get everything fixed and working as prommised I appreciate your continued support and understanding while we get this taken care of.

Some Changes are being Made

We have had the dynamic surf ratio going for a few months now and we have been monitoring it closely. Due to our testing though it is going to be removed.

 It is a great feature and those that surf regularly have been getting some great extra bonus’s, but those that don’t surf as often are not getting nearly as much benifit from it.

 This is starting to show as members that surf often have been surfing even more and those that do not surf daily are not surfing as often.

 We pride ourselves on the perfect mix of unique and non unique traffic and feel as if it has helped our members get the best results possible from their credits.

 With some surfing more often and others not as often it is starting to throw that ballance off, and some members are not getting the same results as they have in the past.

 Therefore we are going to be going back to a more static type of surf ratio.

 The ratio for free members will go back from being 4:1 to 3:1 and the MAXTRAFFICPRO letters will be going away.

 I know many of you have worked hard to get all your letters to  yellow or green to get the extra credits while you surf so we will not be getting rid of it completely all at once.

 On this Wednesday 17 Oct,  we will be turning off the ability to find any new letters.  Once this is turned off you will not be able to find any new letters but you will keep the ones you currently do have.

 As you know you keep those letters by surfing a minimum of 25 sites each day, and we will allow anyone that still has these upgraded ratios keep them for as long as they keep surfing the minimum.

 Once everyone is no longer all yellow or green and no one is getting the increased ratios the rest of the MAXTRAFFICPRO letters will be removed and the original letter hunt we had will be re implemented.

 We are also working on adding some new features that will continue to award those that surf more often but still be able to award those that don’t surf as often when they do.

 We are also going to be revamping our whole downline builder, there have been some changes made to the programs that are in there already so make sure you check it and add your affiliate id for those programs.

 The downline builder in the future is going to be used much more and be tailored more for each individual, I don’t want to spill the beans just yet though, so keep an eye out for some changes coming soon.

 I had several members ask about adding the tracking code for ProTrackerPlus to MTP. It has now been added so if you are using your ProTrackerPlus link to promote maxtrafficpro you can now track it all the way through to sign up.

 If your not sure how this works you can learn more about it at ProTrackerPlus 
 I personally have not tested their services since I am very satisfied with using HitsConnect ( you can join with a 30% discount here )  but know that Dan and Mark would only release a quality product. If you need a tracking service and do not wish to use hits connect you may want to check them out.

 Thats all for now I will keep you up to date on the changes as they happen.

 Have a great week,
William Brant

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