MaxTrafficPro is a free manual surf traffic exchange. It is owned and operated by me William Brant and was started in mid 2005.

Now admittedly at the time I didn’t have a clue about running a traffic exchange, or realy doing business online at all.

I was Enlisted in the US Navy at the time and had starting making  money online through GDI. It didnt take long before I realized that the people making the most online were the program owners and list builders. So I started looking into different scripts and such and came across a simple donline builder script.

Being a member of GDI, I already had hosting and a domain name, or so I thought but turns out the hosting was very limited and it provided no databases or anything like that. Which even though I wasnt sure what that meant I knew I needed it to install the script that I just bought.

So after some research, I found some cheap hosting with everything I needed to install and run the script and after about a month of trial and error it was installed.

I told my GDI downline about it and said all you have to do is enter your GDI username and several TE user IDS and promote it in those exchanges. It started growing and all was good I was successfully running my first membership site with almost 300 members.

But then I started seeing a lot more pages in rotation as I surfed these exchanges promising me riches and success. I looked into them further and it turned out to be turbo GDI which was basically the same idea I had but on steroids.  I was in awe and amazed at how cool that site was and joined it.

It was working great and I started promoting it instead of my own site. In fact I told all my members about this other site and then I was also introduced to HIT which was also based around the same idea of using traffic exchanges to build your GDI downlines.

So any way I pretty much abandoned my downline builder since these too sites were doing what I wanted to do but much much better and there was no way I could spend thousands of dollars to develop similar sites. Of course I know know it could have been done with a couple hundred but at the time I thought it would be in the tens of thoasands to build a realy cool site.

So it was back to the drawing board and I started looking at ideas for a new site. There were a couple of different ideas floating around but no matter what I tried I always promoted them using traffic exchanges.

Then it dawned on me , why not start my own exchange!?!

So I found a script installed it and was off and running. The original script cost me like $50 and I was off and running. Surfing like a maniac and advertising on all my favorite exchanges. Slowly members started to join.

The more I surfed other sites though the more I wanted to do with MTP.

But I didnt know how to. I had figured out how to install scripts and everything but that was about it there was no way I could modify the script and make it do new things.

Well it turned out there werent very many people that could either. Everyone had moved away from ASP and was using PHP. The more I looked the more frustrated I got.

Then I came across NMF.  Where it seemed there was a lot of knowlegeable people talking about TE’s  I first took notice though becuase one of the members name and piictured I recognized. I had seen him thousands of times over and over again while surfing. I instantly recgonized Tony Tezak’s smiling face.

Then after reading through the forum I had realized I hit a jackpot. These were all the owners of the sites I had been advertising on.

These were the people that knew how to how to build and run traffic exchanges. It was like walking down the yellow brick road to find the wizrd but when the curtain was pulled back it wasnt just some little frail guy it was an entire party of people I wanted to meet and learn from.

I became a sponge asking questions and taking in what the “masters” had to say.  I saw Jon Olson was consulting new owners, it was more than I had ever spent online ever. But I had spoke with Jon and I knew he wasn’t going to just disapear with the money.

I also decided that yes indeed this is what I wanted to do. So I bought the consulting. All the time I was still looking for someone that could fix my script. Tim Linden stepped in and offered some guidance but after realizing the script was in ASP said there wasnt much he could do.

So after shopping arounddecided to purchase a new script for the site which was the TCNTE.

SO After Consulting and script change the site was completely remade inside and out and was actually “launched”.

There realy hadnt been any new TE’s released recently and of the ones that had opened they just kiund of opened with out launchng ( Like I had done with the original script.

Well 24 hours later and membership had gone from like 100 members to over 500 and it kept growing, and growing and is still growing by several hundred members a week even today.

We have had some great times some very high points and some low points along the way but together with all the great members of MaxTrafficPro we are still growing and going strong.

If you are looking for a proven exchange that will deliver qulity targeted visitor to your site then you are at the right place.