I get this question from time to time. A member will view other members sites but their credit level remains the same. I can understand the frustration, and would be upset myself.

  Everyone of these that I have looked into had one thing in common though. Auto-assign was turned on.  If Auto assign is turned on any credits earned will be automaticlt assigned to any sites you have in rotation they will not go to your credit bank first.

  To check if you have auto-assign on log into your member area and go to the site manager. There will be a link above the list of sites that says auto assign is either on or off. to change it just click that link.


  While on the topic of credits I also get asked about bonus credits.  In your members area there is a list of credits you have. One of these lists are bonus credits. These are credits earned for reffering new members or awarded as an extra bonus from time to time. These credits are not available for imeadiate use. As you surf the bonus credits will be moved to your available credits. One bonus credit for one site visted. If you are a pro member and earning a 1:1 ratio already you will actually be earnig a 2:1 ratio, or two credits for every site you view.

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