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How to Maximize your Mini Branders

Earlier this year, Mini Branders were introduced to traffic exchanges on the LFMTE script. Mini Branders are a new form of advertising created by Josh Abbott, Executive Developer of LFMTE. They easily increase your brand awareness by making use of ad space that is already on the surf bar: 468×60 banners.

A Mini Brander is a tiny image of your choosing, such as a photo or logo. You can upload your chosen image, enter the URL of your image, or use the gravatar photo associated with your registered email.

Mini Brander images from 4 different members are placed on a banner ad. When someone clicks that banner, they will be taken to a page where they can learn more about those members and visit their web sites.

Max Traffic Pro Mini Branders look like this:

Click on the banner above, and you will open a page with 4 short text ads, one for each Mini Brander. You can even choose to add a 125×125 banner image to the text ad if you wish.

Mini Branders are set up to show on the surf bar of the exchange with a frequency determined by the site owner. In addition, exchange owners can generate codes to use their Mini Branders as a regular banner at other exchanges, at mailers, wherever 468×60 banners are allowed.

The site owner does all the advertising. All you have to do is create your Mini Brander and assign impressions. As long as your Mini Branders have assigned impressions, they will rotate on the site Mini Brander banner.

Currently, you can trade credits for Mini Brander impressions at Max Traffic Pro. You can also purchase bulk Mini Brander impressions from one of our rotating login offers.

So look for Mini Branders at LFMTE exchanges, and let those owners work their advertising magic for you. Get your face or logo shown everywhere on the internet with just a few clicks of your mouse.

NOTE: This blog post contains affiliate links.

MaxTrafficPro’s Tracker and Rotator

Hello again!  Are you aware of the tracking system inside MaxTrafficPro?  It’s super easy – and you really MUST be tracking – so you can see which of your splash pages work best.

If you’re discouraged with your online efforts so far – use MaxTrafficPro’s tracker to see what kind of traffic you’re getting, and how many clicks.

Once you get about 1000 hits to a page – with no clicks – it’s time to change up.

The best way to do this is with a “Split test”.

What this means is – you send an equal amount of traffic to 2 different pages, and see which one works best.

How you do that, is with a rotator.  You can find that inside MaxTrafficPro, also. You’ll need to start out with 2 different URLs in your trackers –

and then click the “Rotator” button.  Name it, and it’s made for you automatically!  Then you can use the Rotator link to start your split test!

Run traffic to that link and come back to MTP to check the stats.  It will show you how many views, and clicks you had to each URL.

I hope that made some sense – please let us know if you have ANY questions!

MaxTrafficPro’s Login Spotlight

The greatest invention for members since the traffic exchange itself!

If you’re not taking advantage of MaxTrafficPro’s login spotlight – I guarantee you’re missing out.

Most TE’s Login Ad is just for the day… MTP’s is for the entire week!  You have no idea how powerful that is.

This is an area of MTP where members can earn up to 20 credit for JUST sitting there, looking at YOUR site!  7 days in a row!

So, login to your MaxTrafficPro account now – then Click Here.  You’ll need to hurry – there’s not many left!

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