What contest?  Well it was never announced but if you have checked the contest page any time this month you already know. We have been having another surf contest throughout the month. It was never announced because I wanted it to be a reward to those that are actively surfing not as an incentive to go out and surf.

  It looks like there were some very busy clickers. The prizes will be the same as they were for last month, the top ten will have their sites rotated as the startpage, and the top five will have their site of choice added to the Dr. Traffic Co-op for the month of July.

  Google finally launched their payment processor today. It was unclear if it was going to be a competitor for paypal or not, well it definitely is and has some very interesting features that may knock PayPal of the map. I will be adding Google check out to the site later today as an alternate payment method. If you would like to learn more or sign up for an account you can go to https://checkout.google.com

  The membership number continues to grow fast, within the last week we have had nearly 300 new members. Because of this continued growth I am able to offer the 1 year upgrade to 5 more members. If you missed out on this deal the last time now is your chance to grab one of these packages from http://www.maxtrafficpro.com/yearsale.htm 

  I will be attending the Focus4 Seminar (http://focus4seminars.com) next week. So I will be away from the computer for about a week. My wife and I are going to drive up to Seattle for this so support may be a little slow during the drive.

 This will be my first time attending a conference like this and I am excited to meet many of the people I have been working with online with. I will take many notes and share with you what I can. If you have any questions you would like me to ask while there send them to me and I will get what I can.

  Thank you for your continued membership and support of MaxTrafficPro

Take Care,
William Brant

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