Along with many other traffic exchange owners I have banned Investment surf sites from being promoted on Maxtrafficpro. The SEC has declared that these types of sites (like 12dailypro) are illegal. But that is not what has spurred this movement towards the owners banning these sites.  You see advertising on a traffic exchange is just like advertising anywhere else. Ever pick up your local paper and look through the classifieds? Ever notice that little blurb about how they are not responsible for the content of the ads or even how T.V stations have that little blurb before an infomercial.  That is because it is up to the viewer to do their due diligence before buying the product, we are but an  advertising medium. I am not a lawyer nor do I have the time to verify every site and product is legal and that the product is worthy of admission. 


  That being said there are some exceptions, you wouldn’t expect to see a infomercial for a homegrown meth lab kit on late night Comedy Central and don’t expect to see one on MTP either along with porn, warez, hate or any other type of derogatory sites in rotation, if you do report them immediately and they will be removed.     So why are traffic exchange owners banning investment surfs and why am I going even one step further and banning Adsense surf sites as well. Simple, to protect our businesses.  You see although I am not a fan of autosurf sites they do serve their purpose there are some very big and reputaple sites out there, or at least there was untill the likes of 12 daily, and the rest came along. Now if you mention autosurf it is automatically thought of as the investment surf sites. Even if thats not what you think that’s what PayPal thinks.  Paypal has stated that they cannot be used as a processor for any type of autosurf, whether its investment or not. They, like the TV channel the classifieds or even myself do not have the time to go through each and every auto surf site and determine if it is a legitimate business or if its a ponzi investment scam.  

   Before this continues to grow and traffic exchange in general become associated (wrongfully so) with these scams many of us owners have decided to try and stop it.  Even after the lawsuits and getting stormpay shut down more sites continue to appear and people still try to promote them. We cannot make these go away and we can not tell you to stay away from them (although I would highly recommend you do so) But what we can do is separate ourselves from them and prove that we are running legitimate advertising business’s.  

   I have banned the Adsense sites for much of the same reason although it is already too late for that. Google never had a problem with adsense being shown on sites that were being rotated within a traffic exchange until the ” you click my ad I click yours” started showing up. These have gotten more peoples accounts closed then they have helped and they have done nothing but steal money from advertisers. Now if your site is being shown in any traffic exchange Google will cancel your Adsense account.   There are plenty of legitimate businesses online and there are a lot of great owners out there, please think, ask questions and look at what it is you are doing while online. It may seem like its easy cash but you have to think if it was so easy why isn’t it talked about by everyone on your local news on the FrontPage ect.. And think about the process, if it seems to good to be true it probably is, if it feels like you are cheating something or someone you probably are.       


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