The Focus 4 Checker is now installed at the MTP. What does this meen? It meens that there should be no more sites running things in the back ground framebreakers or anything else. This checker is a more advanced way to screen all the sites being entered for rotation at MTP.

  This should not have an effect for you unless you are using a rotator. In order to keep all the sites thourowly checked we will only allow rotators that are also running theese checks on sites when they are submitted.

 Currently there are three rotators aprooved to be used, Hitssconnect page swirl and our inhouse MTP rotator. If you are using any other type of rotator they will be removed this weekend.

 Sorry for any inconvienience this may cause but it is being done to keep the surfing smooth and protect the computers of all the members.

   The race game has also been slightly modified there were a couple of members that won the race but were not awarded credits this has been fixed now and should no longer be a problem.

  Also if you do not like the race game you can select a different one or none at all, to do this just scroll down to the bottom of your members page and you will see a drop down menue with your account details you can use this menue to select which game you prefer.

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