First of all.. it’s free!  Unlimited traffic to all your sites.

Here’s what all members receive at MaxTrafficPro

*  8 second timer

*  Commission on referral purchases and upgrades

*  5% of referral credits

*  Tracker links/rotator

*  Loyalty bonuses

*  Active surf rewards awarded automatically when claimed

*  NO admin approval of sites, banners, texts or rotators (get started advertising right away)

*  NO auto-assign minimum (anyone can save credits for future big promo)

*  Unlimited number of rotators with conversion tracking

*  Personalized rotator with member pic and social ids (link to MTP affiliate page, but no MTP logo to distract)

*  Personalized splash pages with member pic, testimonial, banner and text ad

How MTP Stands out from other Traffic Exchanges –

*  20% commission on referral purchases and upgrades

*  No admin approval of sites, banners, texts or rotators (immediate, automatic site check / acceptance)

*  8 second timer (others have 10 or 12 second timers for free members)

*  Loyalty bonus: surf 25 sites for 4 days out of the week and get 10 credits, 25 banners and 25 text ads added to account automatically

*  5 url tracker links

Adding MaxTrafficPro to your advertising arsenal IS the best choice you can make!  Do it today – by signing up here!

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