Why Join MaxTrafficPro?

First of all.. it’s free!  Unlimited traffic to all your sites.

Here’s what all members receive at MaxTrafficPro

*  8 second timer

*  Commission on referral purchases and upgrades

*  5% of referral credits

*  Tracker links/rotator

*  Loyalty bonuses

*  Active surf rewards awarded automatically when claimed

*  NO admin approval of sites, banners, texts or rotators (get started advertising right away)

*  NO auto-assign minimum (anyone can save credits for future big promo)

*  Unlimited number of rotators with conversion tracking

*  Personalized rotator with member pic and social ids (link to MTP affiliate page, but no MTP logo to distract)

*  Personalized splash pages with member pic, testimonial, banner and text ad

How MTP Stands out from other Traffic Exchanges –

*  20% commission on referral purchases and upgrades

*  No admin approval of sites, banners, texts or rotators (immediate, automatic site check / acceptance)

*  8 second timer (others have 10 or 12 second timers for free members)

*  Loyalty bonus: surf 25 sites for 4 days out of the week and get 10 credits, 25 banners and 25 text ads added to account automatically

*  5 url tracker links

Adding MaxTrafficPro to your advertising arsenal IS the best choice you can make!  Do it today – by signing up here!

Start Page Ads at MaxTraffic Pro

Hello again!

Today I wanted to talk about the success I get with Start Page Ads.

The Start Page is the first site you see when you start surfing at a traffic exchange.  Even if you sign out, and back in – you’ll see that Start Page.

This is great exposure for whatever you’re promoting – because the surfer viewing your site is paying the most attention!  I get more signups from a page running on the start page even if it gets 500 views – than from a page running in regular rotation showing 1000 times!

What’s even better – having credits assigned to that same site in rotation, so they’ll see the page while they’re fresh – then again and again as they surf.

MaxTrafficPro has a FANTASTIC price on Start pages – Click here now to get yours!

MaxTrafficPro’s Tracker and Rotator

Hello again!  Are you aware of the tracking system inside MaxTrafficPro?  It’s super easy – and you really MUST be tracking – so you can see which of your splash pages work best.

If you’re discouraged with your online efforts so far – use MaxTrafficPro’s tracker to see what kind of traffic you’re getting, and how many clicks.

Once you get about 1000 hits to a page – with no clicks – it’s time to change up.

The best way to do this is with a “Split test”.

What this means is – you send an equal amount of traffic to 2 different pages, and see which one works best.

How you do that, is with a rotator.  You can find that inside MaxTrafficPro, also. You’ll need to start out with 2 different URLs in your trackers –

and then click the “Rotator” button.  Name it, and it’s made for you automatically!  Then you can use the Rotator link to start your split test!

Run traffic to that link and come back to MTP to check the stats.  It will show you how many views, and clicks you had to each URL.

I hope that made some sense – please let us know if you have ANY questions!

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