Only a couple of days after the push for manual traffic exchange owners to ban the investment surfs from our sites, it seemed as if it was all in vien. Bobby Ivie of Funny Farm Traffic had his payPal account locked, and was told that it was because the exchange fell into the “grey area” of their terms of service.

  After several days of phone calls it looks like he has gotten his account back and we have gotten some insight on how to bring our exchanges from being “in the grey”.

 It was known that Paypal did not allow payment on more than one level, and is why we only offered commisions on your direct refferals. What has just came to light though is that they view earning credits on more than one level the same as offering cash for more than one level. Well as you know we were offering credit earnings on up to 10 levels for pro members.

 This has now been changed and members will now only earn credits from the activity of their direct downlines.  The ammount earned has been updated and I think most members will see that they are earning the same if not more credits from their refferals activities.

 If you haven’t yet I highly recomend you contact your dirrect refferals and introduce yourself. Having only one refferal level should make it easier to keep in contact with your team members and work together to get the most out of your time and effort.

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