Honestly? The reason I decided to work from home was because I’m tired of people. Really.

I was in Fast Food for over 25 yrs… my clientele was loud, mean and angry for the most part. Oh, and hungry. Which is why they were loud, mean and angry.

Don’t get me wrong… some customers were fantastic – but the loud, mean angry ones were the ones I remembered. I had to get away.

So… I started working online. Very very soon I found out that even online, I’ve got to let people know who Sunny is! What?

But… online, fortunately is very very different.

Instead of angry people pulling up to my drive through window – I have to parade myself in front of them, and convince them that I have something of value to offer them. This is much different – and much more of a challenge!

Now… I’m not the “parading” type actually. I’d rather sit in a corner, and play solitare on my cell phone. Not greet everyone I see with a smile and a “how are you?”

But… I’m old enough now to realize, and accept… that some people will like me, and some won’t. I don’t have to tell people EVERYthing about me… I don’t even have to tell them very much at all. I just have to tell them that I have something that I’m sure they’ll want.

This is how I did it, and you can too.

I found a forum, where other Internet Marketers were talking. I asked questions. Soon, people started to notice that I was asking questions, and they answered me. Every time someone suggested I do something, I did it.

They *knew* me because I was in the forum asking questions.
They *liked* me because I did what they suggested.
They *trusted* me because I took action.

You can do this too.

Now… we don’t have the forum we had when I started, but we do have chat in several of the traffic exchanges. That’s a great place to start to get to knowing people.

There’s also a weekly seminar at Affiliate Funnel – where you can ask questions – and show people that you CAN take action.

You’ll get noticed – and if you take action – you’ll be liked, and trusted! Then… your business will really take off! Go for it!

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