Ok like I said in the email the story got a bit long so instead of clogging up the email decided to put
it here on the blog,

About a year ago our original system mailer broke. No one was getting any email at all
not even their confirmation email after they joined.

So I panicked and tried to find someone that could fix it. As luck would have it, I couldn’t
find anyone that was available, so had to go looking at script lance.

Well, long story short, a freelancer that didn’t really understand the site or the mailer put together
a quick fix that used Aweber to handle all the emails.

It wasn’t the perfect solution but it worked fotr the most part, and we have had to deal
with all the imperfections and make it work.

So here it is a year later and we have three oops make that four different mailing lists
for the same site.

The original one from the begining of the site with the broken (well partially fixed)  which
we tried mailing from yesterday.

The aweber list that members are put on when they join MaxTrafficPro, and the other

Aweber list that you can join from withing the members area, if you havent been receiving
any of the emails from the other mailers.

Oh and the Two Aweber ones, are not really integrated with the site verry well so  theres
been plenty of issues.

So that brings us finally to the fourth mailer.

Traffic Wave.

Im sure you have noticed a lot of owners making the switch over to traffic wave to handle their

Part of that is due to the owner, Brian Rooney’s understanding of te’s and openess to work with TE owners, and
Simon Kelly’s mod to integrate it with TE’s.

So now we finally do have a great solution to the problem that started a year ago.

When you log in to your MaxTrafficpro account you will be asked to verify your email
I appologize for having to opt in , yet again, but rest assured it is so we can finally consolidate the
three other mailers into one fully integrated one and be done with it.

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