So… some changes.

If you have logged into your Max Traffic Pro account over the last few
days you have seen some changes.

There are some features that are missing,  but they are being added back.

If you haven’t yet be sure to update your profile and enter your paypal
email address so you can be paid your commissions owed.

One feature that I have been asked about the most is Traffic Maximizer.

If you have surfed you know it is not currently active.

THis will be coming back soon, but is going under some changes itself as well.

Most of you have said you loved the rewards it gave you, but it was too slow, and
I can’t argue with you there.

It spun for too long and there were too many clicks involved, this is all being corrected
along with some extra added goodies I know you will love.

Unfortunately its not quite done yet.

That doesn’t mean we do not have any rewards for surfing.

If you go to the surf rewards tab in the members area you can clam a surf reward every day that
you surf.

We are also setting up more rewards for you,

There will be a dynamic surf ratio – the more you surf the more you earn

There will be loyalty bonuses – earn extras for surfing more than once a week.

Those are coming in the next day or two and there is a lot more planned to come after that.

So.. yeah some changes, and they are just starting, we want to give you a great surfing experience
that comes with great rewards, effective results for your advertising, and all the tools you need
to be successful.


It happened yesterday. William Brant told ALL to James Holmes on Ask James Holmes on BlogTalkRadio.

James Holmes, new owner of Bootscootin Traffic and SWAT Traffic, is conducting a series of radio interviews on his BlogTalkRadio show with the movers and shakers of the traffic exchange industry. James is the founder of the Traffic Exchange Summit, a project aimed toward encouraging discussion amongst all people involved with traffic exchanges from owners to members to programmers who keep things running smoothly.

So if you can’t get enough of William Brant, learn everything you ever wanted to know about William below. James is an excellent interviewer.

Listen to internet radio with James Holmes on Blog Talk Radio

Quick Question from Eva

Hey Everybody!

Since William added the events section to the blog, I’ve been posting the promo winners on the Events calendar. So if you are looking for the winners since September 7, you need to click on Events at the top of the page, then click on the promo date to see the winners.

My question for you is … should I do it that way, or should I post the winners here in the blog section? Post a comment here and let us know what you think.

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