So, I was just talking to Eva… you know, Always Awesome Eva, owner of MaxTrafficPro – and she was showing me a funny email she saw while reading emails (and earning credits) at MaxMailerPro.

I… won’t show you the email – but I did want to talk about how much Eva (and I!) love MaxMailerPro.

Ever since it launched, a little over a year ago, I’ve been getting my best mailer results there. No matter what I advertise – MMP never lets me down.

William Brant is the owner – and every single day he’s there, making sure everything’s running smoothly. From emails going out like they should, to links working in the members area.

You may have noticed the new design – he put that up just this past month, when MMP had it’s first birthday!

It’s pretty hard to run a safelist – just as hard as running a Traffic Exchange. But… William has never dropped the ball.

With an upgraded membership at MMP – you can mail twice a day!

So, run over to MaxMailerPro – and get a free membership. I know you’ll have good result just like me and Eva!

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