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Winners , more prizes and a note

OK first thing first,

Yesterday was a bootscootin to the Max Monday and the winners are

$10 –  mentewski
$5   –  memalori
$5  –   katka15

And lots of new chances to win today, but before we get to that I just wanted to note something.

Today is the first of the month and for many upgraded members around the net that means its credit payday.

Well at least on some sites. And I know we will get a couple of emails today asking why credits were not added.

That is because we don’t pay out all credits on the 1st, they are paid at the time of  upgrade and on the anniversary of your upgrade.

So if you upgraded November 10th you received credits then and will get more on December 10th.  I hope that helps any comments or questions? just let us know.

And now on to today’s festivities

Ttoday we are bringing you huge chances of
winning big.

How about :

10 Member Downline
$10 Cash Prize
3 Month Top Upgrade
1 Month Top Upgrade
2500/2500/2500 Prize. That’s Credits/Banner/Texts.

Big?  You can win one of the above prizes
at MTP today if you surf 275 pages or more.

But it gets even bigger!
We have gotten together with Blue-Surf,
Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic Taxis,
and SWAT Traffic.

So you have 25 ways to win all you need
to do is surf 275 pages at any participating sites.
Of course, the more sites you qualify
at, the better your chances of winning a prize are.

So surf them all, if you can!

Surf Blue-Surf:

Surf Tezak Traffic Power:

Surf Traffic Taxis:

Surf SWAT Traffic:

and of Course surf at MTP

Have Fun,
William Brant

What is Social Bookmarking

You may have noticed we added some more tools in the promotions area for you to use to build your MaxTrafficPro downline.  One of those new tools is the quick and easy social bookmarking links.

So that all looks good and nice and everything but what is it?  Why would we put it there for you to use and how can you use it to your advantage?

Wiki pedia defines Social bookmarking as

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata, typically in the form of tags that collectively and/or collaboratively become a folksonomy. Folksonomy is also called social tagging, “the process by which many users add metadata in the form of keywords to shared content”.

Uhm I dont know about you but that just makes it sound even more confusing. Luckily though John Merrick has just released his first solo project.

John has been working behind the scenes for years making things come to lif for people like Soren Jordanson,m Robert Puddy, Cindy Batty and more and he has just struck out on his own with his first insightfull report on Social bookmarking.

It is a free report and he goes into great details about what bookmarking tagging and everything else 2.0 but it reads much easier than the wikipedia definition above.

Being Johns first solo release he has gone above and beyond what you would expect to get with this free report. THere are a ton of goodies that you would expect to pay big bucks for but he just hands it to you.

Click on the Image above to grab your copy and see for yourself how social bookmarking can be used to help build your downlines and business

TE Master Tony Tezac Speaks Out

It’s Saturday Feb 7 2009 do you know what hat means?

Well for starters that means in about 2 hours Star surfer extraordinaire
Tony Tezac, will be discussing how and why he surfs exchanges and how
he makes money doing it.

If your a member of affiliate funnel you can get your link in the
members area at

If your not a member you can sign up for free at (you guessed it)

Oh and even if your already a member or not interested in becoming
one today you can still go to
and place your vote for this weeks TE rankings. Be sure to give MTP
a 10 if you like us, if there is any reason we are not a ten in your
book please let us know.

Ok well that was a long for starters, did you get the feeling that
some one wants us to visit ?
Weird huh?

As you may (or may not) know, my family and I had to live out of a
hotel room last week since power was out due to the ice storms we had.

We are back in the house now and nice and cozy, so lets celebrate.

How about Increased ratios for everyone?

oh and how about increased bonus page prizes?

and then why don’t we throw some random prize pages into rotation
giving away referrals, credits, upgrades and more..

Does that sound good to you ?

If so than log in to MTP at

Ill see you there

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