Thanksgiving Prizes

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, about to sit down with some family and have a feast here.

but wanted to get yesterdays winners posted

There were 3 winners of $5


Then there were 5 winners of  1000 banner credits


Then 5 winners of  1000 credits


And 5 winners of 5000 text links


Thanks to all who entered and dont forget you have another chance to win today all you need to do is surf 175 to be entered automatically.

Dancing Drumsticks = Great Prizes

Today and Tomorrow we are doing
the ‘Turkey Bash Strut’ with
Fast Easy Traffic, Tezak Traffic
Power,and Traffic Gold Rush.

There’s  $60, 20k Credits, 100k
Text Impressions, 20k Banner
Impressions up for GRABS.

Both Days each Traffic
Exchange will have

3 – Winners of $5.00!
5 – Winners of 1000 Credits!
5 – Winners of 5000 Text Impressions!
5 – Winners of 1000 Banner Impressions!

And to get some great
prizes all you need to do
is surf 175 sites and you
will be entered to win

You don’t have to surf all 4 sites
but the more of them you surf
the greater your chances of winning.

So to get the Max chances of winning

Surf 175 or more at MTP
Your Log In Information

and then to double your chances
surf 175 or more at TTP

and to Triple your chances
surf 175 or more sites at Goldrush

and for a Fourth entry today (and
don’t forget you can win at more than
one site too)surf 175 or more sites
at Fast Easy Traffic

Yesterdays Hidden Prizes

Yesterday we teamed up with Tezak Traffic Power and Fast Easy traffic where each exchange had a few different prizes to give away.  Heres a clip from yesterdays email-

Each traffic exchange will hand out these
prizes in a draw!

*5 - Winners of $5.00 Cash!
*3 - Winners of 3-Month Upgrade! 
*5 - Winners of 1000 Text Ads Impressions!
*5 - Winners of 100 Credits!

Just surf 175 pages for an entry into the
draw.  No need to surf all 3 traffic exchanges,
but if you do you TRIPLE your chances at winning!

So without further ado here are the winners that were selceted in the draw

Winners of $5 Cash
1. zwsbbs
2. VincentParker
3. tlking
4. nbmuir
5. acmeinfo

Winners of 3 months upgrade

1. anderson
2. lin2004
3. farhad

Winners of 1000 Text Ad impressions

1. geraldloomis
2. jamiestafford
3. freakman
4. foxhits
5. judyb10

And  the winners of 100 Credits

1. minicrabs
2. Andy43701
3. eddymaes
4. Curt8888
5. cybertrader

Congratulations to all the winners your prizes have already been entered. There is no draw for anything today but The Traffic Maximizer is going to be full of extra ratios today.

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